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Mdou Moctar and his bandmates gave a thrilling performance yesterday at the historic 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. The band comes from Niger and sings about life in that country. They are currently touring America to promote their new album, Funeral for Justice, which has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.Yesterday’s performance was a magnetic tour de force. It exemplified Moctar’s artistry, charisma, and cleverness with the guitar. For an hour and half, Moctar played North African folksongs drenched in thrilling dizzying guitar solos. At one point he sent the audience into a frenzy by stepping off the stage and playing directly to his fans. It was a sublime moment, capturing Moctar’s talent and stage presence. The performance shows us that music transcends all cultural barriers, whether they are language, race, or age. Two thumbs up for this exceptional band. If you are interested in African rock bands then also check out BLK JKS, and Bombino.

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